Security Function

It is our responsibility to make sure our merchants and their buyers are transact securely. We are ahead from our competitors.

  • Leadership – SecurePay Founder was honored as the member of Senior Information Security Professional by ISC2. Track record on winning Cyber Security Company of The Year and Cyber Security Innovation of The Year.
  • Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) – SecurePay is now undergo common criteria certification (CC). In order to pass the certification, the product itself need to fulfil the standard and security target made by the testing lab. CCRA members are including EU and US.
  • SSL – Securepay main sites are using EV SSL and all our merchant subdomain or own domain will be secured by our pre generated SSL. Everything is automated.
  • DNSSEC – For domain security and our expertise on securing government Malaysia (.gov.my) domain name. We are signing all of our domains with DNSSEC (Domain name system security extension)
  • 1.5 and 2 Factor authentication- We do provide extra security features to make sure that our standard at par with banking sector. 
  • Audit trail – Every changes are track inside our audit trail
  • Firewall, VPN communication – We protect our infrastructure with high standard secure network design.
  • Security Poster Assessment – We are periodically conduct PSA on our apps and servers. 
  • Know your customer (KYC) – We conduct check on our merchant from the trusted source.
  • Security Operating Center (SOC) – Monitor any all security aspects including merchant activities, infrastructure and provide advisory to our merchants.
  • More to come.
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